Product Notices





If you have recently purchased, sold or are holding inventory for sale any Camco ReCurve R3 Adjustable Sway Control products [specifically part numbers 48750, 48751 and 48752  manufactured and shipped between April 1st and April 10th, 2019], please be advised that a few of these Products may have been shipped by the factory to our customers without being pre-greased. Per the Product use instructions, prior to any use of this Product (whether the first use or the fifth), the consumer is advised to check the Product to ensure that it has been sufficiently lubricated with suitable wheel bearing grease. Camco’s concern, however, is that if any of these Products were shipped without a sufficient coating of lubricant, they could have experienced some premature rusting in transit which could cause the trunnion to not rotate.  Since Camco values its customer and distributor relationships, should you experience this problem on any recently purchased or inventoried Product, please contact us and we will exchange any eligible Product. 

Please contact Camco Customer Service at 800-334-2004 extension 28147 if you require technical assistance to confirm that your Product is adequately greased and properly functioning.

Distributors, Dealers or Customers who have experienced this problem should contact us for details on exchanging Product.