Camco 10' Premium Grade Marine/RV Drinking Water Hose — Certified For Drinking Water & Lead-Free — Anti-Kink Design — Made with Quality PVC — UV Stabilized for Long Use — 1/2" ID 22743

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Enjoy clean drinking water wherever you go with Camco's Drinking Water Hose. Designed with your health and convenience in mind, this drinking hose is perfect for a variety of uses, whether you're camping, using it with your camper, or simply need a trustworthy potable water hose in your backyard. Crafted from high-quality materials, Camco's water hose is built to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures. Rain or shine, this RV essential is ready to serve your clean water needs. The sturdy construction also protects against the sun's harmful rays, ensuring its longevity for years to come. This camper water hose goes beyond durability. Its premium design and adherence to the highest standards provides peace of mind with every sip. With maximum kink-resistance, it ensures uninterrupted water flow for a hassle-free experience! Proudly made in the USA, Camco’s Drinking Water Hose embodies reliability, durability, and practicality. It's your assurance of having cleaner drinking water wherever your adventures take you!

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