40055 Camco Brass Marine/RV Water Pressure Regulator – Protects RV Kitchen Small Appliances, Plumbing & Hoses – Reduces RV Water Pressure to Safe & Consistent 40-50 PSI – Drinking Water Safe 40055

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Protect your RV or boat's plumbing with the Camco Brass RV Water Pressure Regulator. This RV must-have lowers city water pressure to a safe level before it reaches your appliances, fixtures, or plumbing system. Made from durable, lead-free brass, it's safe for drinking water. The pressure comes pre-set for optimal water flow— protecting your valuable equipment and extending their lifespan. Installation is a breeze with standard garden hose threads. Experience worry-free adventures with Camco’s brass water pressure regulator for RV campers. Enjoy safe water pressure throughout all your travels with this camper must-have!

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